Born into a family of athletes in Florida, Cora became a decorated track star at an early age.

After retiring, she tried her paw at several competitive sports, before settling on professional tennis. (Shown here at the U.S. Open)

Quickly bored, she turned her attention to gator 'rasslin in the Everglades. (Shown here with an alligator she skinned.)

Bored again with the lack of competition, Cora moved to the Great Northern Woods, where she became a renowned hunter of wolves and grizzly bears.

In 2015, Cora decided to follow her true dream, her true passion, her true calling, - making delicious sandwiches!

She moved to NC and opened Cora's Isle-End Deli to share her sandwich creations with the people of Topsail Beach.

In her spare time, Cora can usually be found surfing, shark fishing, or shark surfing.